in collaboration with KEMI DANCE PROJECTS

(Johannesburg, South Africa and Toronto, Canada)



Choreography and conception: Sonia Radebe (MIDM) and Jennifer Dallas (KEMI) in collaboration with the performers: Oscar Buthelezi, Teboho Letele, Sunnyboy Motau and Muzi Shili.

Costume Design: Veronica Sham

Lighting Design: Themba Nkabinde

Music: Teboho Letele

Voice coach: Nhlanhla Mahlangu

Ngizwise is a thought-provoking dance work created by two dynamic female choreographers, one from Johannesburg and another from Toronto, danced and sung by four powerful, male South African performers. Collaborative choreographers Sonia Radebe and Jennifer Dallas have crafted a beautiful work at once universal and personal. Using spoken words, as well as deft manipulations of the workaday set pieces, the choreographers and dancers reveal intimate stories of South Africa under Apartheid, woven from the voices of the ‘born free generation’. It is a complex work that holds attention through images of community, power, individuality and masculinity in our globalised modern society.

Moving into dance

Sonia Radebe – Choreographer

Radebe graduated from the MIDM training programme in 2003, when she took on a place in the professional company. She is noted for her extraordinary work as a performer of strength, agility and power. Of note, is her newly discovered journey into choreography and her growing ability to create emotionally charged dance work. Her versatility as an artist has seen her working with numerous multi-awarding winning artists including Jackie Semela, Gregory Maqoma, Rhodessa Jones, Sylvia Glasser, Vincent Mantsoe, and Robyn Orlin (to name only a few). In 2011 the Gauteng Dance Manyano granted her the award of ‘Female Dancer of the Decade’ in Contemporary Style.

Jennifer Dallas – Choreographer

Dallas is the founding artistic director of Toronto-based Kẹmi Contemporary Dance Projects (Kẹmi). Hailing from the Canadian Rockies she began her formal dance training in Ballet, and graduated from the School of Toronto Dance Theatre in 2005. In 2010 Dallas was the Metcalf Intern for 10 Gates dancing under the direction of Tedd Robinson. Extended travel informs and compels much of Dallas’ playful and insightful work. Her ongoing collaborative partnership (for example) with Bienvenue Bazié of Ouagadougou, Burkina Faso will culminate in an eight-week Canadian touring season for dance work Idiom in the winter of 2015.