Choreography: Lliane Loots (in collaboration with the dancers)

Original Live Music: Shannon Hope

Dancers: Jabu Siphika, Julia Wilson, Zinhle Nzama, Sifiso Khumalo, Tshediso Kabulu, Sifiso Majola 

Lighting Design: Wesley Maherry

Film/Video Installations: Karen Logan

Production Manager: Clare Craighead

Lliane Loots and her incomparable six Flatfoot dancers present a soulful and deeply personal collaboration with the musical genius of Durban’s singer/songwriter Shannon Hope. Entitled HOPE, Loots takes her inspiration from weaving Shannon Hope’s poignant torch song lyrics into a contemporary dance landscape. HOPE is an ironic and sometimes witty encounter with the quagmire of contemporary love relationships. This is new territory for Loots who, often known for the dissident social and political voice in her dance work, steps into a more interior and personal landscape with HOPE. Perhaps, in the end, Loots’s HOPE reminds us that our love relationships are the very fabric of our daily lives and as such become part of the deepest sense of understanding ourselves.


Shannon Hope – Singer/songwriter

Durban’s darling, Shannon Hope has recorded two albums over the past four years and has a huge following as an independent pianist and vocal artist, having also recently won (alongside FLATFOOT DANCE COMPANY) a Standard Bank Ovation Award at the National Arts Festival in Grahamstown. Her music is a soulful blend of longing, with intelligent lyrics that lament love and heartfelt endings (and sometimes beginnings!) Shannon Hope describes her music as ‘heart songs’ and her unfailing bravery in jumping into the quicksand of love, makes her brand of torch songs unique in their depth and resonance.

Lliane Loots – Choreographer

Lliane Loots is the artistic director and founder of Durban’s inimitable FLATFOOT DANCE COMPANY, a contemporary company that has existed professionally since 2003. She has received numerous choreographic awards and grants that has seen her and FLATFOOT travel all over Africa, Europe and most recently to the USA. Her strong lifetime focus on dance development and training for dancers has allowed FLATFOOT to emerge as one of South Africa’s leading companies.

FLATFOOT acknowledges the support of:

Spring Lights Gas, SIBABAYA, NCP Alcohols, The Arts & Culture Trust (ACT) and Nedbank Arts Affinity.

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