Beautiful Us

Choreography: Gregory Maqoma

Dancers: Otto Nhlapo, Lulu Mlangeni, Phumlani Nyanga, Julia Burnham, Keaoleboga Seodigeng, Roseline Keppler, Phumlani Mndebele, Peter Lenso, Xolisile Bongwana and Teresia Mojela

Lighting Design: Oliver Hauser

Costume: Pumeza Zwedala

 Beautiful Us

Maqoma’s Beautiful Us is part of his now world-travelled ‘Beauty’ trilogy. In this work an always poetic Maqoma asks us to pause for a while and give our planet earth its space, let’s pause – Maqoma asks us – for a while and give our ancestral history, in their teachings for humanity, space to exist. The earth is in need of our urgent change. Our traditions and values, spanning many centuries are desirable for change to manifest. CUE reporter, Robyn Sassen, writes ‘Beautiful Us celebrates the humility and the hubris of the human spirit, and contemplates the vulnerability, yet potency, of the earth’.

Gregory Maqoma – Choreographer

Vuyani Dance Theatre’s Artistic Director, Gregory Vuyani Maqoma started his formal dance training in 1990 at Moving into Dance. From then on he established himself as an internationally renowned dancer, choreographer, director, and scriptwriter for his works. When he founded Vuyani Dance Theatre (VDT) in 1999 Greg was at the Performing Arts Research and Training School (PARTS) in Belgium. Some works in his VDT repertoire have won him accolades. Among the awards in his name are: FNB Vita Choreographer of the Year in 1999, 2001 and 2002 for Rhythm 1.2.3, Rhythm Blues and Southern Comfort respectively. He received the Grahamstown Standard Bank Young Artist award in 2002. He also won the Gauteng MEC Awards in 2006 and 2007 for Beautiful Us and Beautiful Me respectively.



Choreography: Luyanda Sidiya

Dancers: Otto Nhlapo, Lulu Mlangeni, Phumlani Nyanga, Julia Burnham, Keaoleboga Seodigeng, Roseline Keppler, Phumlani Mndebele, Peter Lenso, Xolisile Bongwana and Teresia Mojela

Music edit and arrangement: Wesley Mabizela

Lighting designer: Oliver Hauser

Costume designer: Veronica Sham

Rehearsal Director: Shanell Winlock


Like Maqoma’s Beautiful Us, Sidiya’s DOMINION weeps and dances for a better world, and looks at how humanity has distorted its human to human notions of power. Carefully skirting literal narratives, DOMINION explores the dynamic between those who are invested with authority and the power they wield over others.


Luyanda Sidiya – Choreographer

Sidiya’s interest in dance began at school where he worked with various township dance, music and drama groups. In 1999 he attended classes at the Dance Factory (Johannesburg) facilitated by Wendy David before embarking on formal training at Moving Into Dance Mophatong (MIDM). This rapidly rising star was soon appointed Afro-fusion dance teacher and rehearsal director at MIDM. In 2004 he performed a solo work choreographed by the internationally acclaimed choreographer, Vincent Mantsoe, at Kuopio’s 35th International Festival held in Finland. He has taught dance modules at Bennington College in Vermont, USA and joined the UK-based ACE dance and Music Company for three years, first as a dancer and then as rehearsal director. He won the award for Most Outstanding Dancer in a Contemporary Style at the 2007 Dance Umbrella Festival.



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