artSCAPE The 2013 JOMBA! festival is proud to be presenting its first performance collaborating with artSPACE (durban). Join us on the 2 September for an evening of cutting edge, site-specific dance theatre and film that will allow you to get a little more up close and personal! 

 The stellar programme includes the following two commissioned works;

“ABANGUNI” choreographed by Musa Hlatshwayo (Mhayise Productions – Durban)

This live performance art installation is an epilogue to Hlatshwayo’s recent  Nguni tri-logy which has largely exposed his keen interest in Nguni identity, the origins of (African) man; his practices and his spirituality. It is a culmination of the journey Hlatshwayo took while working on the tri-logy; the encounters and the stories he gathered in the process. This work features resourceful material offered by UbuMbano LwamaQwabe; an organization that is dedicated to the course of preserving (and documenting) and correcting the history of the AbaNguni. Also featured herewith are some of the people, videos, extracts, interviews and other material, which formed the bases of the tri-logy, which comprised of ‘Dayimane!’, ‘uZulu noQwabe’ as well as ‘Aba(ka)Ntu’.  



“SUICIDE: at six year’s old” choreographed by Vusi Makanya (Dusi Dance Company – Durban)

This dance theatre works is based on a concept by Thobile Ethno Lady-Bass Ntuli and tells the story of a woman raised through abuse. From birth to the present, this narrative is about facing your future with finding out that your past is not always what determines your future.

JOMBA! @ artSAPCE also offers special guest performance by Misato Inoue (Switzerland) of her acclaimed solo work, “SWAN”  

“We may say white is the absence of color, as purity has no memory, while black is the saturation of color as recurrent waves of pain and discreditable secrets. And yet, we look deeply into this profound despair, fear gilt, and anger, and we find horrible similarity to innocence, such as the infinite field of unfolding possibilities … “

~ Misato Inoue ~

Music: Ludovico Einaudi, Thomas C Gas

Costume: Cathy Sharp

Dance Coach: Cathy Sharp, Felix Dumeril, Elayne Phillips, Kasper Hort

Photos: Peter Schnetz



Also on offer is a specially curated collection of short ‘screendance’ films that form part of JOMBA’s collaboration with Screendance Africa. Curated by Jeanette Ginslov, this collection of dance films are from “” online annual screendance competition is a co-production of Dansens Dag and ScreenMoves, Copenhagen, Denmark. Hosted on and funded by Dansens Dag and Nordea-fonden, it aims to give screendance makers the opportunity to produce, through their lens, a one-minute online video. For 2013, the theme was based on the notion of “weight” or (in Danish) “vægt”. Screendance makers were invited to choreograph, shoot and edit what “weight” or “vægt” means to them … all in just 60seconds.  JOMBA! is proud to be screening the 10 top one minute films. Also on show are two short screendance African films; Vulnerability by Ndoli Kayiranga (Rwanda) (2012), and uValo by Akona Matyila (South Africa) (2012).