Choreographed and performed by: Desiré Davidsand Hélène Cathala 

Lighting design & video: Marc Baylet-Delperier

Music creation: Eric Guénnou with Percussion & Voice: Mandla Matsha & Ildo Nandja

Photos & video: Pascale Beroujon


With B.L.E.N.D. choreographers Desiré Davids (South Africa) & Hélène Cathala (France) chose to choreograph and dance together. Two experienced women, one “coloured” and one white, sharing the same stage, confronting their physical habits/capacities/limitations, their individual styles and musicalities. Throughout the creative process, the consciousness of their histories always present ... driving them to share but sometimes also entering into a void of incomprehension. Even though the basis of this work has been body and movement research, it has been enriched by photos and video  for a documentary exploration of this ‘adventure’; an adventure which consists of the questioning of this “mixety” of dance , its place in the contemporary dance scene and its paradoxes.

Cathala and Davids first met in 2001 when Hélène travelled to Durban to provide a series of movement workshops in collaboration with The Floating Outfit Project. Davis then saw Cathala’s solo performance “Shagga” perform at the Avignon Festival in France 2009, and this started a dialogue between these two artists. Both are known to push boundaries in their dance work; conceptually and emotionally and B.L.E.N.D. is the outcome of a long and deeply satisfying collaborative encounter.

With thanks to: 

Production: Cie Hors Commerce 

Co-Productions: CCN de Nantes / CCN de Créteil / La Chapelle Gély-Montpellier

With the support of:  Floating Outfit Project / National Arts Council of South Africa

Cie Hors Commerce is supported by: de la DRAC Languedoc-Roussillon/ de la Région Languedoc-Roussillon / du  Départment de l'Hérault et de la Ville de Montpellier