abdul-hadi-sadoun-iraqAbdul Hadi Sadoun is a poet, narrator, publisher and scriptwriter and, as an essayist, has contributed to several magazines dedicated to arts and culture both in Spanish and Arabic languages.

He was born in Baghdad in 1968 and graduated in Hispanic Philology from the University of Baghdad in 1992. Sadoun left Iraq shortly after the first Gulf War to pursue his PhD studies in Spanish Language and Literature in Spain.


Since 1997 he has been the editor of the literary publication, Alwah, a journal that publishes in Arabic and specialises in diasporic literature. He is a Lecturer and Professor of Arabic literature, specialising in the subject of the presence of Arabic culture in Hispanic literature, which he teaches at several academic centres in Europe.


Sadoun's poetry offers oblique and subtle criticism. Drawing on apparently ordinary situations, he deftly exposes many contradictions and injustices and presents us with glimpses of everyday struggle and survival.


A number of Abdul Hadi Sadoun's short stories and poems have been translated into other languages, including German, French, English, Italian, Persa, Kurdish and Catalan languages, and his writings were published in two anthologies of selected foreign poets in Spain and Great Britain.


He has translated important Spanish literature into Arabic language, including the works of poets, Vicente Aleixandre and Juan Ramon Jiménez. He has also translated South American short stories and more contemporary Spanish writing such as Tormes´s Guide and Songs for Altair by Rafael Alberti, White Heart by Javier Marías and Virtues of Lonely Birds by Juan Goytisolo.