Ntsiki Mazwai has been a trailblazing force on the South African creative arts landscape as her career as poet began in 2003, in the streets of Johannesburg, at open mic sessions.She later co-founded the Feela Sistah Spoken Word Collective, which enjoyed much success. After the split of the collective, Mazwai has enjoyed a fruitful journey as a solo artist.

Mazwai created what she terms ‘Spoken Music.’ It is a mix of her soulful poetry with different genres of music. This, she says, in an effort to get literature to the dance floor.Known for her mega hit Sana uRongo, Mazwai brought spoken word into the commercial music industry by being the biggest selling artist in 2005.She later released two poetry/music albums, MaMiya and Ndingubani. As well as publishing her first anthology, Wena, in 2010. Mazwai performs her works locally and abroad.

Whether she is using her voice as a poet, a musician, a human rights activist or on twitter she tackles sensitive issues with a brutal honesty as her work centers on politics, women and spirituality. Her cheeky street style continues to make her a favourite, coupled with her magnetic stage presence.

Mazwai is never shy to express her voice, even when she stands alone... and Ntsiki cannot be ignored.She also has a passion for developing young artists, and regularly hosts open mic sessions in an effort to groom new artists.